# 272: Visiting the capital of the Republic of Ragusa

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# 272: Visiting the capital of the Republic of Ragusa

Idea # 272 – Visit Dubrovnik in Croatia

  Dubrovnik, or Ragusa of its former French name, is a city of Croatia, capital of the Comitat de Dubrovnik-Neretva. It was formerly the capital of a maritime republic known under the name of Republic of Ragusa, founded during the first half of the VIIth century. From its foundation, the city is placed under the protection of Byzantium. In 980, the city becomes the bishop’s city. Following the example of Venice, of which it becomes rival, Ragusa knows how to take advantage of its coastal position to develop a lucrative maritime business. Between 1180 and 1190, Big Prince de Rascie Stefan Nemanja tries twice to seize the Republic of Ragusa, unsuccessfully. It is again besieged repeatedly by the Serbs, unsuccessfully. After the fourth crusade, it passes dominated by Venice, until 1358, date in which is recognizes the suzerainty of king of Hungary. In 1409 and in 1417, Venice disputes him the monopoly of the trade of salt in the city of Drijeva, which is then ownership of the kingdom of Bosnia. It fails twice, and Ragusa maintains control over the trade of the salt. During XVth and XVIth centuries, Ragusa develops its trade between Ottoman Europe and ports of the Mediterranean Sea. In the XVIth century, the merchant fleet of the Republic account 160 ships. Just like Venice, it offers assistance to the Muslim allianceduring the battle of Diu against the Portuguese, in 1509, in the Indian Ocean. After 1526, it pays an annual levy of 12 500 ducats to the Ottomans, and it until 1718. In 1699, it sells two portions of land to the Ottoman Empire, protecting itself from ground attacks of Venice by the creation of the corridor of Neum. In 1806, Ragusa is besieged for a long month by the Russian and Montenegrin fleets which pull(fire) more than 3 000 coal nuts at the city. Led by Napoleon, the French army enters Ragusa the same year. In 1808, marshal Marmont abolishes the Republic of Ragusa and put it in the Kingdom of Italy. From 1815 to 1918, the city is integrated into the empire of Austria, then Autriche-Hongrie. It takes the name of Dubrovnik in 1918, following its integration in the Kingdom of the Serbs, the Croats, the Slovenes, later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. From 1992 till 1993, the city is the target of shootings of the Serbian-Montenegrin army, posted on the heights of Zarkovica, in the North is from the city, during the war for independence of Croatia. Dubrovnik was restored splendidly since this time. Go, for the pleasure of eyes.


Where is it?

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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