# 259: Visiting the city of the vampire princess

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# 259: Visiting the city of the vampire princess

siIdea # 259 – Visiting the Czech town of Ceski Krumlov

Ceský Krumlov is a medieval town in Bohemia of the South. She was named Krumau by the German-speaking population before the Second World War. The foundation of the city and the castle dates the end of the XIIth century. In 1302, the city and the castle belong at home of Rosenberg. Emperor Rodolphe II of the Saint empire takes up the city in 1602 and gives it to his son. Later, emperor Ferdinand II of the Saint empire gives the city to the house of Eggenberg. From 1719 till 1945, the castle belongs at Home of Schwarzenberg, and will be occupied by the princess vampire, Eléonore von Schwarzenberg. The city is a part of the Empire of Austria in 1806 and of Autriche-Hongrie in 1866. After the World War I, Ceský Krumlov is a part of the Upper Austria in Republic of German Austria. In November, 1918, the Czech troops occupy the city. Between the wars, the city belongs in the Czechoslovakia. Between 1938 and 1945, it is annexed to the Third Reich, as territory of the Sudetes. The Germans are expelled after the Second World War and the restoration of the Czechoslovakia. A big part of the architecture of the old town dates from the XIVth century to XVIIth century and succession of the styles Gothic, revival and the baroque. The city is an important tourist and cultural center today and was classified in the world heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO in 1992. Let’s go visiting, but with garlic around the neck.


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Ceski Krumlov, Czech Republic

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