# 248: Visiting the capital of Tyrol

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# 248: Visiting the capital of Tyrol

Idea # 246 – Visit of Innsbruck, capital of Tirol

Innsbruck is an Austrian city situated in the West of the country, in the valley in the heart of the Alps. It is the capital of Land of Tirol, and is crossed by the river Inn. The first mention as city was in 1237. In 1363, the last countess of Tirol, Margarete Maultasch, passes on the region to the Hapsburg Rodolphe IV of Austria, the Ingenious. His descendant duke Frédéric moves his residence from Méran to Innsbruck in 1420, and the construction of the new ducal palace begins in 1480. Between 1490 and 1519, Maximilien Ier, emperor of saint Empire, takes control of Tirol ; Innsbruck, more central than Vienna, becomes his favorite residence. The emperor settled the chamber of the finances and the government of western Austria there. At his death, he was buried in the chapel of the castle. After the napoleonic invasions which give Tirol in Bavaria, it was necessary to wait for 1815 so that Tirol returned to Austria by the Congress of Vienna. Innsbruck found again its status of capital of the land in 1849, instead of Merano. In the XXth century, the city received twice Winter Olympics. Innsbruck has known how to keep a charming historic center, with Renaissance and baroque houses. Goldenes Dachl is doubtless the facade the most photographed by Austria. This house is adorned with a changing room of honor, built in 1494 by Maximilien Ier for his marriage with Blanche Marie Sforza. It is surmounted by a second loggia, covered with a roof made by 2 657 tiles of golden copper. Numerous shops are present, offering culinary specialities, as strudel, declined under all the forms. Go, we visit, a strudel in hand.


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Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

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