# 246: Visiting Graz, the Styrian

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# 246: Visiting Graz, the Styrian

Idea # 246 – Visit Graz, the capital of Styria

 Graz is the second city of Austria, capital of the province of Styria (Steiermark in German). Graz is build around the hill of Schloßberg. The first written mention of the village dates of 881. Because of its strategic position, the city is besieged vainly repeatedly by the Hungarians under Matthias Corvin in 1481, and by the Ottoman Turks in 1529 and 1532. In 1540, Eggenberg founded here Paradies, or Lutheran school, in which Johannes Kepler teaches from 1594 till 1598. The baroque palaces contrast pleasantly with the courtyards of the XVIth century and the buildings in the audacious modernism, the baroque churches, palaces the Renaissance, medieval alleys, halls with arches, wine bars, trattorie and weinstubs, jazz clubs and an opera, parks. The old town, classified in the UNESCO world heritage, abounds in buildings in the sophisticated architecture, of which the castke and its helical Gothic staircase. Go, we visit, after a passage in Bäckerei…


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Graz, Styria, Austria

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