# 239: Visiting Prizren in Kosovo

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# 239: Visiting Prizren in Kosovo

Idea # 239 -Visiting Prizren in Kosovo

Prizren is a city of Kosovo. In Antiquity, the city was known under the name of Theranda and lived by Dardans, Dardanes or Dardaniens. The city is mentioned for the first time in texts in 1019. With Muslim ultra-majority, Prizren account 35 mosques. There are only dozens Serbs, following the pogroms of 2004, who went hunting almost all of the Serbian inhabitants; this eviction came along with the fire of the Orthodox Churches of the city as well as with the residence of the bishop. The orthodox cathedral is since protected by servicemen of the K-FOR. Prizren kept some vestiges of Byzantine period and of Ottoman period, what gives it a little of charm. The main sites are saint Archanges’s monastery, founded by the Serbian emperor Stefan Uros IV Dusan of Serbia between 1343 and 1352, mosque Siman Pacha, the Turkish hammam builds in the XVIIth century by Gazi Mehmet pasha, the fortress of Kaljaja which dominates the modern city and the church of the Virgin Mary de Ljevisa, classified on the list of the heritage of the UNESCO, for its frescoes of the beginning of the XIVth century marking the appearance of the style of the Renaissance of Paléologues of Byzantium. Nothing exceptional, but we visit out of curiosity…


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Prizren, Serbia / Kosovo

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