# 232: Having a look to the young divers of Mostar Bridge

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# 232: Having a look to the young divers of Mostar Bridge

Idea # 232 – Visit the city of Mostar in Bosnia

Mostar is situated in the canton of Herzégovine-Neretva, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Placed on Neretva, between the heights of Hem and the slopes of Calve, the site reveals a human  occupation from the prehistory. Romain, being conscious of strategic and commercial possibilities of this passage, settled a town there. The antique bridge which was on the commercial road between the Adriatic and the rich mining regions of the center of Bosnia, allowed the village to extend over the right bank of Neretva. In 1475, a first Muslim district, says mahala, with mosques and baths, is established by the river, in the North of the stopping-off place. In 1566, a stony bridge is built under the government of Karadjoz-Beg, and the Muslim village extends there. The city becomes afterward the first city of the sandjak of Herzegovina, before being the center of the Turkish government under the Ottoman period. In 1878, Mostar, as well as the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, passes under Austria-Hungary administration, and after 1918 become a part of the new Kingdom of the Serbs, the Croats and the Slovenes, future Yugoslavia. Mostar considerably suffered from the war of 1992-1995. November 9th, 1993, Croats blow up the Stari Most, the old Ottoman bridge, symbol of the city. It was reconstructed as before in 2004 with numerous stones of origin according to the Ottoman technique of  the time. It welcomes again, as in the past, the traditional championship of dive. The ” District of the Old Bridge of the old town of Mostar ” is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. Ready to jump ?


Where is it?

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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