# 217: Whale watching in Iceland

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# 217: Whale watching in Iceland

Idea # 217 – Whale watching in the Bay of Husavik in Iceland

Husavik is on the edge of Skjalfandi, a large and deep bay, in the north of Iceland, not far the Arctic Circle. Due to low tides and ocean currents, the bay offers ideal conditions for whales. The area has  became the first destination observation in Iceland, and there are as many as twelve species that come to feed in the summer. The small rorqual, or whale of Minke, is the best represented species. It is from 6 to 9 meters long and weighs from 5 to 8 tons. The back is generally dark gray, and sides wear a light gray strip clearing up on the lap face. Its dorsal fin presents a pronounced enough shape of hook. We also see there blue whales and humpback whales. Go, we admire these wonders of nature…


Where is it?

Husavik, Iceland.

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