# 212: Visiting the Seville the Andalusian

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# 212: Visiting the Seville the Andalusian

Idea # 212 – A Weekend in Seville

Seville is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It would have been founded in the VIIIth century before J.C., before being colonized by the Greeks and the Phoenician. In 206 before J.C., it is acquired to Romain, after the battle of Illipa. At the end of the Low Empire, the city will be successively conquered by the Vandals in 426, then by the Suèves in 441, the latter being finally threw away by the Visigoths. In 711, Moussa Ibn Noçaïr conquers Seville and the city occupies the heart of the political activity of Al-Andalus, before the capital settles definitively in Córdoba. After several centuries of war, the city is taken back by Ferdinand III of Seville in 1248. The city is then restructured, transformed. During the reign of Charles the Fifth, it reaches its golden age. The city consists now of an incredible maze of alleys and of passages. Runner of the banks of the Guadalquivir, we suggest you visiting Plaza de Toros, the arenas of Seville, the medieval tower del Oro, then the district of El Arenal, which adjoins the river, to finish in the district of Santa Cruz, the most picturesque of Seville. You can then go to the cathedral, then the palace of Alcazar, which presents a succession of rooms and patios of a rare wealth, with a fresh and pleasant garden. Shortly after, you can make to the park Maria Luisa, and to the plaza of Espana, with its magnificent Detached house of Spain, or to the tobacco factory, the small jewel of the XVIIIth century. Go, we take off slowly in the shade !


Where is it?

Seville, Andalusia, Spain.

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