# 21: Meeting the seals in Va’a

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# 21: Meeting the seals in Va’a

Idea # 21 – The Bay of Seals in Polynesian Canoe

The va’a, also called Polynesian canoe, is a canoe whose stability is ensured by single balance connected to the hull by two wooden arms. You will board with a paddle, with a dozen of other rowers. The cox, positioned at the rear, provide orientation of the craft, give the pace and tell the right moment to change the side of rowing (usefull for not having one arm out of proportion with the other, at the end of the day …).

The mouth of the Somme is a prime site for the activity : taking advantage of the current of the river at low tide, you will be returned to good port by the rising tide . Incidentally, you can see the bore (the first wave of the rising tide, extremely fast) and come across harbor seals, that live in the eponymous bay.



Where is it?

Bay Seals, Saint Valery sur Somme, Somme, France.

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