# 196: Learning Shaolin Kung Fu

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# 196: Learning Shaolin Kung Fu

Idea # 196: Visit the monastery of Shaolin’s warrior monks

The Shaolin monastery or temple Shaolin is situated on the mount Song, in the province of Henan. It was built at the end of the 5th century by Emperor Xiaowendi, in honor of the Indian monk Batuo who preached the Buddhism theravada in China since 464 and who became the first patriarch of the monastery. From the dynasty Tang, the military practice or the warrior of the Kung fu by the monks is attested. In 621, the monks participate actively in the Battle of Hulao which marks the defeat of Wang Shichong, what is worth to them the gratitude(recognition) of the emperor. The latter offers to them to enlarge their monastery and the right to join the military career. The monastery would have repeatedly been destroyed, so giving birth to the legend of five escaped monks, who would have spread the practice of the Kung fu through China. In 1641, the troops of Li Zicheng plunder the monastery in reprisals of the support that the monks had granted to the dynasty Ming, what removes durably the order of the monks fighters. The monastery, rebuilt by 1800, will still know other vicissitudes. In 1966, It is burned by the Red Guards, and the monks are scattered having publicly been humbled. It will be necessary to wait 1981 so that the monastery is reborn of its ashes, redistillant again the Kung fu of the style Shaolin Qan, with a real perfection. Go, and warm up !


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Shaolin Monastery, China

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