# 175: Watching wild African elephants

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# 175: Watching wild African elephants

Idea # 175 – Observing wild African elephants

The savanna elephant, Loxodonta africana, is the most known African species. It meets in meadow, swamp, and edge of river, Sahara to South Africa. Considered as the biggest ground animal, it is on average 4 meters in the shoulder and weighs approximately 7,7 tons on average. It possesses longer and bigger ears than those of its cousin, the Indian elephant, and have a more important average size. Males and females have external defenses, and are generally less hairy than their Asian cousins. The African elephant is considered as an endangered species of disappearance. We list approximately 500.000 individuals today, while their population was estimated at 5 millions in 1930 ! It is mainly the target of the poachers, who hunt the elephant for the ivory of the defenses. To observe it, there’s nothing like to make a safari in a national park, as those of South Africa; Attention nevertheless, under its good-humoured air, this elephant is a member of the “big five” and can be very dangerous, especially if it decides to charge you…

Where is it?

Hluhluwe-Imfosi, South Africa

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