# 172: Playing bluff with Buffalo

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# 172: Playing bluff with Buffalo

Idea # 172 – Watching Buffaloes in South Africa

Buffaloes arise from an Asian common origin, which divided into two with the appearance of an African branch. Near a million buffaloes live on the African continent. The male adults weigh from 700 to 900 kg, against 500 kg on average for bufflonnes. Males are 1,70 meters in the withers for a length of the 3,50 meter body. They can run( up to 30 kph speeds ! The only predator of the buffalo in Africa is the lion which attack only vulnerable individuals because young, old or sick. Gregarious, very powerful, quick-tempered, they defend themselves by charging with their horns, what makes them very dangerous, including for the man. They are included into the Big Five. Ready for a head to head ?



Where is it?

Hluhluwe-Imfosi, South Africa

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