#152 : Diving into sharks aquarium of Dubai

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#152 : Diving into sharks aquarium of Dubai

Idea #152 – Diving in the shark aquarium of Dubai

The aquarium of Mall of Emirates of Dubai is one of the biggest internal aquariums of the world, with its 9.000 m3 of water. It holds besides the record of the biggest acrylic panel in the world. The aquarium presents more than 33 000 aquatic animals representing more than 220 species, among which of the ragged teeth sharks, grey,  white, black tip sharks, guitars, leopards, and stingrays. The tunnel of glass, 43 meters long, in which we can walk, offers an incredible experience of meeting in private with the submarine animals. Of course, we found clever to dive into the aquarium, to see them closer!


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE

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