# 139: Visiting the Moken, gypsies of the sea

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# 139: Visiting the Moken, gypsies of the sea

Idea # 139 – See a Moken village in the Surin archipelago, Thailand

The Moken are a nomadic people of maritime Southeast Asia, present on Surin Islands in Thailand, and Burma. They emigrated from southern China to Thailand, to the Burma and to Malaysia, there are approximately 4,000 years ago. They live most of the year in their wooden boats, called kabang , they build themselves. They move in flotillas from island to island, depending on the circumstances and direction of the winds, in search of food, for reasons of safety or health. In Thailand, they are partially parked in the national parks, the State seeking to settle them. Two small communities of Moken, or about 150 people, who belong to the group of “Chao Lay” or “sea gypsies” coexist in the Surin archipelago, located 55 km from mainland Thailand, on the Burmese border; they occupy  temporary houses  on the east coast of the islands, sheltered from wind storms. It will take you!


Where is it?

Koh Surin, Thailand

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