#385 : Visiting the ancient city of Hampi

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#385 : Visiting the ancient city of Hampi

inIdea #385 – Visiting the ancient city of Hampi

UnescoThe city of Hampi is an exceptional testimony of the civilization disappeared from the Indian kingdom of Vijayanagar. This kingdom reaches its peak due to the trade of the cotton and the spices, under Krishna Deva Raya, which reigns from 1509 till 1530 The city contained several palaces and temples of an extreme wealth, which made the admiration of the travelers between the XIVth and the XVth century. In 1565, the city is conquered by the Muslim federation of the Deccan, which makes it plunder for six months, before giving up it. It is still possible to observe the vestiges of the temples of Rachamandra (1513) and Hazara Staked (1520), which, by the very sophisticated structures, line up among the most remarkable monuments of India. Palaciaux or public groups, as the stables of the elephants, the Bath of the Queen, the Lotus Mahal, the general stores, the market, and the massive elements of fortification also remain. The site is registered on the list of the heritage of the UNESCO, since 1986. 

Video 1 : The Palaces

Video 2 : The Temples

Where is it ?

Hampi, Karnataka, Inde

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