#400 : Visiting the old city of Pondicherry

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#400 : Visiting the old city of Pondicherry

inIdea #400 – Visiting the old city of Pondicherry

Pondicherry or Puducherry, capital of the territory of Pondicherry and enclosed in the State of Tamil Nadu is a city of the southeast of India. In 1673, the company of India buys a small coastal village from Sher Khan Lodi, who governs the region in the name of the sultan of Bijapur. Pondicherry serves at first as refreshment point for the troops of the Squadron of Persia, besieged in San Thomé of Méliapour, near Madras, by the Dutch people and Sultan de Golconde. After the surrender of the French army, François Martin and some French work on the development of Pondicherry. From 1693 till 1700, the city belongs to the Dutch people, who reconstruct it according to a plan in checkerboard. In 1742, the city is under the orders of Joseph François Dupleix, who, thanks to his military victories against the British, spreads the territory around the city and in the South of India, and exercises a considerable influence in the business of the princes and the sovereigns of the region. The city, which is situated in the Portuguese tradition, organizes  port, factorerie and hardly, and distinguishes between the ” white city “, drawn well, and the ” black city “. The city is quickly considered as its beauty. August 10th, 1778, small squadron of Tronjoly delivers an undecided fight to the strengths of Edward Vernon then withdraws on the Ile-de-France, leaving de facto the victory to the English people. In 1782, the squadron of Suffren does not linger there and prefers to land its troops further south, in Porto-Novo. In the second part of the XXth century, Pondicherry is given back to India by France. It is now a very nice place, with lot of all houses and demesnes.


Where is it ?

Pondicherry, State of Pondicherry, Inde

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