# 122: Strolling in Ljubljana

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# 122: Strolling in Ljubljana

Idea # 122 – Visit Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia

Capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana counts a little less than 300 thousand inhabitants. Situated in the crossroads of several cultures, it is marked by its history and mixes Germanic, Slavic and Latin influences. Its intact historic and well preserved center, is rich in constructions of baroque and Art nouveau, echoing other cities of former Austria Hungary Empire. The castle of the XIIth century, connected by a funicular with the city, dominates the hill. By strolling in alleys, you can admire the cathedral St Nicholas’ Day with its Twin Towers and its green dome, the church Saint-Peter, the bridge of Dragons and its impressive statues, fountain of Robba, the triple Bridge and some beautiful buildings. You can also delight in Slovenian specialities in numerous restaurants or inns. Enjoy your meal


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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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