#108: Flying hung at a giant fan

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#108: Flying hung at a giant fan

Idea # 108 – Flying with a paramotor

The paramotor is an aircraft of the category of aerodynes .It consists of a sail of paragliding, of 40m² in two-seater, and of a light engine integrated into a cage of protection, placed on the back of the pilot. A propeller offers the necessary push to take off from the flat ground and adapt itself to the needs for the pilot. The take-off makes on foot, or sat in a trolley, equipped with wheels. Its speed of flight is about 40 kph and can reach 60 kph. A full tank of gas allows approximately 4 hours of flight. With a start by foot, it is more sportly, demonstration!


Sites Tested

Where is it?

Airfield Gisy Nobles, Yonne, France.
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