# 102: A Grand Ducal week end

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# 102: A Grand Ducal week end

Idea # 102: Tour of Luxembourg

Luxembourg , commonly called of Stad, is the seat of a county since 1354 ; the duchy and city are transferred in 1443 to the Duke of Burgundy Philip III, then pass through inheritance Charles V who as a child had the title of Duke of Luxembourg . Later, the lands went to  Habsburg Spain. In 1815, the Congress of Vienna erected Luxembourg as  Grand Duchy. The heart of the city (City High) occupies a picturesque site, perched atop the cliffs steep narrow valleys of Alzette and Pétrusse, on several levels, straddling the two valleys. The city has charm, with houses of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is very pleasant place. Come on, dream …


A View to Visit

  • The Grand Ducal Palace
  • Neumünster Abbey
  • Casemates and Bock
  • the ancient walls
  • Place William and the parade
  • The Adolphe bridge over the Petrusse
  • The picturesque suburb of Grund

Where is it?

Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Larger Map

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