#1 : Skydiving at 4000 meters high

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#1 : Skydiving at 4000 meters high

Idea #1 – Skydiving at 4000 meters high

Tempted by the big jump ? Emotions guaranteed ! After opening the door of the plane at 4,000 meters you will reach the speed of 180 km/h. The free fall lasts about 1 minute. At 1800 meters, you will open the parachute and reach 40 km/h quite suddenly and not without difficulty… You have only to  drive your parachute and land on the right place, that’s to say, neither the career nor in the power line, or on the highway, or in the lake, or in the trees or on the airfield runway or on the roof of the shed.. Good luck, boy !


Some Pictures

C’est où ?

Bouloc Airfield, Lot, France.

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